Pauline Pascual

First Love Never Dies



     “You! Why did you do that?” singhal ni Yammie kay Bryan matapos siya nitong hagkan sa ilalim ng tubig. It scared the hell out of her—takot sa pagkalunod at takot sa lalaking nakayakap pa rin sa kanya.
     He gave a devilish grin and said, “You agreed that we will do what normal couples do. We kissed. I think that’s normal enough.”
     She was torn between indignation and something she could not explain. She decided never to talk to him again. But all her resolve melted when he smiled at her.
     “Sorry na,” anito pa. Gusto niyang iuntog ang ulo. Dapat talaga hindi na lang pumayag si Yammie sa charade na ito…

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Pauline Pascual

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