We are doing what we can to make your eBook shopping with eBookware as hassle-free as possible. Should you encounter any problem on the website, please contact us at info@bookwarepublishing.com

How do I buy an eBook?
Browse for your favorite eBooks on this website and then click on the ADD TO CART button. After shopping, click the shopping cart at the upper right side of the page and then click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Register at the Checkout page or log in to your account and pay for your purchase. After which, you will receive an email confirmation for your purchase and instructions on how to download your eBook.

What is the format of the eBook?
eBooks bought at ebookware.ph are currently in password-protected PDF formats which, after downloaded, can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF reading app on iOS or Android.

What PDF reader can I use that will enable me to resize the text?
We recommend Xodo PDF Reader for Apple iOS and Google Android. When you open your ebook (using the e-mail address you have in your BILLING DETAILS as the password), switch it to Reader/Reading mode.

If you’re using an iPhone, find this icon to switch on Reader/Reading mode:

If you’re using an Android phone, go to this page to read how to switch to Reading mode.

Once you’re in Reader/Reading mode, you may now zoom in and the text should automatically resize. To switch pages, simply swipe left or right.

The book I purchased is password-protected. What is my password?
The e-mail address that you wrote in the BILLING DETAILS upon checkout serves as the password for the book you purchased.

What are the available modes of payment?
This website is only accepting PayPal and Credits as modes of payment. You may know more about purchasing credits here or watch a video tutorial here.

Can I view eBookware.ph from my device? Can I read my purchased eBooks from my mobile device or tablet?
Yes, you can view this website from any mobile device using an app browser (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome). Just type in ebookware.ph and you can view and shop for your favorite books. If you’ve purchased an eBook already from your computer and want to read it on your device, just open your email containing the download link of your purchased eBook, click it, and open the file in any PDF reading app on your device. You may also log in to your eBookware account, click on MY DOWNLOADS and download your purchased ebook.