Alexis Navarro

Estranged Fiancée

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     “Why not kiss me? Don’t you want me?” tanong ni Monica kay Jude, trying her best to seduce him.
     “You’re wrong, Monica. I want you damned too much I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. And you only asked for a kiss.” Bakas ang panghihinayang sa tinig ng binata.
     “Make love to me then,” she dared.
     “You’re just drunk,” patuloy na tanggi nito.
     “You talk too much,” inis na sabi niya bago hinagip ang mga labi nito for a long drugging kiss.
     Kung alam lang niyang kay Jude din siya babagsak, she would have gladly married him five years ago whether he loved her or not….

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Alexis Navarro

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