Red String Of Fate Part 2



     Lianna Alexa Carbonel grew up hearing her mother’s cries for the love she lost. It made her cynical about love. No man shall ever be good enough for the feisty, Harvard-educated heiress.
     But she allowed herself a night of fun in the arms of a gorgeous stranger. Intoxicated and seduced beyond her wits, Alexa let ‘Richard’ have his way with her.
     Atty. Alexander Sandoval a.k.a. Richard loves ‘em and leaves ‘em. So it puzzles him to no end why he can’t seem to leave his ‘Julia’ alone.
     Alex can’t let her go, even when he learns that ‘Julia’ is his ex-fiancee’s sister and the one woman he is forbidden to have…

Read Chapters Twenty-Four to Twenty-Six

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