Dior Madrigal

The Vow

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     “Miguel, please… I can’t be with you.”
     “Says who?” mariin niyang tanong. “You’re not going anywhere.” Napahawak siya sa magkabilang balikat ni Angelina. “Tuloy ang kasal natin. Walang magbabago!”
     “We can’t… it’s not right. Hindi dapat ganito—”
     “Hindi ikaw ang magdedesisyon n’on,” he hissed. “This is my revenge, remember? I get to decide what I can and can’t do. Magpapakasal tayo and we’re going to stay together.”
     Patuloy ito sa pag-iyak. “It would be much better if you’d let me go. You can’t move on with me.”
     “Wala akong pakialam.”
     Siguradong mahihirapan si Miguel na kumbinsihin ang nobya, pero hindi siya susuko. Selfish na kung selfish, but he needed both her love and his revenge on her father.
     There was no way in hell he would let her leave him….

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