Dior Madrigal

Just The Way You Are

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     “You’re not the most desirable woman in the world, you know.”
     Nilingon niya ang katabing binata. “What?” asik niya rito.
     “Kung makapagkumot ka, akala mo may gagawin ako sa ’yong masama. News flash, Kate, you might be pretty and attractive but you’re not completely irresistible.”
     She snorted. “Says the guy who can’t keep his hands off me six years ago.”
     Tumawa ito nang nang-iinis. “That’s the key phrase, Kate, six years ago. People change.”
     Bago pa niya ma-analyze ang ginagawa, she ripped the blanket off her body then straddled Sean. She smirked when she saw his eyes widen.
     Gusto nitong makipag-asaran? Fine!

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Dior Madrigal

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