Doreen Laroya

Happy Ending at 25



     “Haley, listen to me.” Sumulyap siya sa binata. “You don’t have to resort to this kind of seduction. You’re a beautiful, smart, and lovable woman. Walang lalaking tatanggi sa iyo.”
     “P-pero tinanggihan mo ako.”
     “Because you’re my friend! God, you’re almost my sister. I won’t take advantage of you.”
     She sneered. “You’re a hypocrite, Tristan.”
     “And you’re not being reasonable. You’re upset and you’re jealous. You want to do something rash. Hindi ganyan ang Haley na nakilala ko.”
     “You still think of me as a child. Hindi na ako bata.”
     “Then, act like an adult!” he barked. “Believe me, Haley, pasasalamatan mo pa ako bukas dahil walang nangyari sa atin ngayong gabi.”
     And then he left. And Haley felt
very, very stupid.

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