Dior Madrigal


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     “Don’t worry, I’ll keep the property as it is, with some much needed developments. The people will stay where they are. Tell them that,” paliwanag ni Rafe.
     Frustration and confusion seeped through her skin. “Why are you doing this?”
     His eyes blazed with primitive arousal. “If I say it’s because I want to look good in front of you, would you buy it?”
     Tumawa si Brenda, marahas at marupok. “At gagastos ka ng fifty million para d’on? You might want to screw me and play your cruel games with me, but I’m pretty sure I’m not worth that much to you.”
     Lumamig ang tingin ng lalaki at tumaas muli ang sulok ng mga labi nito sa isang sarkastikong ngiti. “You’re right, you’re not worth fifty million to me.”

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Dior Madrigal

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