Dior Madrigal

Viral Part 2

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      “I’m not losing you,” asik ni Calian. “This is my choice. You are my choice. F*ck everyone else!”
      “Do you even hear yourself?” iyak ni Stacia. “This is your family we’re talking about!”
      “Hindi kita iiwan!” Nagtagis ang mga bagang ng lalaki.
      Nakaka-tempt na pumikit lang at hayaan si Calian na dalhin lahat ng problema niya. He will fight her battles, and he will win. But he will lose himself, too. He is already losing pieces of himself now—important parts of him. Pieces that he may never be able to get back.
      Masakit na makita ang mga pagbabagong idinulot niya sa binata. This is not him. For all her selfishness and callousness, Stacia never wanted to ruin Calian… never wanted to destroy the goodness that was such a crucial part of him.
      Maybe… maybe she really does love him.

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Dior Madrigal

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